my favorite things: travel

Not having the same office to return to each day means my suitcase & lunchbox are my only constants. I treat them like someone with a regular office job might treat their desk: leaving helpful items in them full-time to help make my life easier. Here are some of my favorites (note: I don’t get anything at all for endorsing these products because I’m just not cool enough yet; these are all things I genuinely use and just love).

Ginger root capsules

Occasionally, I’ll feel nauseous from motion sickness in the back of the airplane. These are great for getting my stomach under control.

Luggage stand with shoe rack

Luggage rack

Like I said, my suitcase is my desk, and it’s a lot easier to work out of if it’s not not the floor. Here’s the one I use, which has a shelf underneath for me to put my work shoes.

LunchBots Stainless Steel Food Containers

These are great for sauces and almond butter. The stainless steel keeps the contents cold for hours and they’re leak-proof. It’s also dishwasher friendly if you’re lucky enough to have one of those. They have lots of other fun containers on their website, which I have not personally tried but look like a great idea for keeping food separate in the same container and cold. Available on their website or on Amazon.

Foldable, packable yoga mat

Manduka eKO Superlite Yoga Travel Mat

This is my lifeline! I love yoga and it does wonders for my body before or after a long day on airplane. This one is great because it’s so light and folds down compactly, so it just sits on top of one half of my suitcase. Also great for when the hotel gym leaves much to be desired.

Melatonin quick dissolve tablets

I use these to help my body adjust to jet lag so that I can get the sleep I need, regardless of time zone.

Miir Screw top tumbler

I don’t always leave the house with hot coffee or tea, but I love this for when I do. The screw top means I can fill it up and throw it in my bag any which way it falls without having to worry about it leaking. It keeps liquid incredibly hot, arguably too hot too drink sometimes, and looks super chic. The open handle on top makes it easy to carry and lets me attach it to my water carabiner too. When I’m finished with whatever I left home in, I love to have it on me to for hot water from an airport restaurant or the hotel to make tea. (Note: hot water is available on airplanes, but I typically don’t use it. It’s potable water so completely safe to drink; however, the containers that hold the water are rarely if ever cleaned, so I avoid it.)

Packing cubes

These are amazing for keeping me organized and letting me switch from larger to smaller suitcases easily. They also allow me to pack more because they keep my clothes compact. Game changer for travel; if you don’t have some already, what are you even doing?

Black silverware set and case including chopsticks, knife, fork, spoon, cleaning brush & two straws

Reusable Utensils

In an effort to use less plastic, I invested in a set of reusable utensils to keep in my lunchbox at all time. I took out the knife and leave it at home, as TSA confiscates any non plastic knives. The one I use has a nice little carrying case to keep them all clean and together (ie not lost). With coronavirus now, plastic utensils are harder to come by on the airplane, so they’re especially valuable now. This set comes with straws and chopsticks too, for whenever you’re feeling fancy.

Thermos food jar

This is great for trips when I’m only gone 1 day and want something hot. I’ll preheat the container with hot water, then heat up soup or stew. The container keeps it hot for hours, and the screw top keeps it spill proof. It has this adorable fold-up spoon in the lid too, so I don’t have to worry about silverware.

Plastic water bottle with carrying strap and volume measurements

Water bottle

Arguably the most important thing I travel with. Delta only serves Dasani bottled water, which for whatever reason (most likely the salt content!), bloats me horribly. So I bring my own water from home then fill up as I go in airports or hotel gyms. Sometimes that means hours before I can refill, so it’s important that my bottle holds a lot of water. I aim to drink at least 2 liters per day, so a 1 liter bottle is perfect to help me keep track of my intake. I’m obsessed with this one from Embrava because it holds what I need while still being skinny enough to fit in a cup holder for use when I’m home. It also has a convenient carrying strap to help free up my hands, and the spout screws off for easily refilling. I’ve attached a carabiner to mine so I can keep it attached it to my suitcase (read: keep track of it).

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