Welcome to Traveling through the Kitchen

Blog owner, Sarah Matthews

Hi there! I’m Sarah, and I’m so glad you’re here.

I believe food is a way to communicate love – love for a partner, friends, family, your body, even places you’ve visited. 

It’s easy to be intimidated by the idea of cooking, and with the ease of restaurants, delivery, and frozen meals, so many avoid it all together.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Cooking is a form of self-love & empowerment. It offers an opportunity to come together with those you care about over the table, sharing the intimacy of a meal. Destinations suddenly no longer need a plane ticket, just a fridge and a desire to learn.

I hope that in this small corner of the internet, I can help cooking be more approachable for you, giving you the confidence you need to succeed, sometimes to fail, but most of all, just to try. And in trying, hopefully you can find and give love.

About Me

I have always been drawn to the kitchen. My very first job (read: not babysitting) was at a grocery store down the street, then I went on to brew coffee at Starbucks and serve in restaurants. 

Now I’m a flight attendant, still serving food and drinks, but in the sky. Being constantly “on the road” means spending agonizing days on end away from my kitchen, day dreaming about what I’ll cook first when I’m finally reunited with my happy place. I spend plenty of time in it before leaving, prepping meals & snacks for the days ahead. 

I make sure to leave room to explore local cuisine too, though. The best way to understand a new place is through food, a universal language that needs no interpreter. In college, I majored in French & Italian language and spent time studying abroad in both countries. Each of these cuisines in particular are near and dear to my heart, so I am always eager to pay homage to them when I can.

At home, my fiancé Matt is my guinea pig & co-chef, both a willing audience and knowledgeable cohort. With a similar background in food and hospitality, our combined passion means food is always at the center of conversation. We’re both native to Atlanta, GA but recently relocated together to Seattle, WA, both of which are sure to have an impact on our cooking.

I aim to create food that is healthy, adventurous, and international. Sometimes simplicity is the leading factor, but I also love a challenge. I’m constantly trying new recipes and ideas, and I spend as much time behind magazines, cookbooks and my stove as possible to better my abilities. 

I am constantly learning and evolving, and hope to share the lessons I learn here with you. 

Let’s cook together.

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